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Foróige (just in County Mayo alone) works with over 4,000 young people within 74 voluntary led Mayo based Foróige clubs.



Louisburgh Foróige Leaders.


We currently have 12 full time adult leaders taking Louisburgh foroige into the 2018-19 Foróige year.


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Louisburgh Foróige depend on the help of local volunteers, without the help, there is no Foróige in Louisburgh.


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Thank you for considering Louisburgh Foróige.



Information for enrolment of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students is outlined below. Enrolment to our

older member club, TY's and up, now called Axis Youth Space is

available here.





Registration dates available further down this page. As you can see there

is lots of info and things to consider so please take a few

minutes to read everything fully:



All the below info is subject to enrolment numbers, member demand and leader availability.




Louisburgh Foróige, the 2018-19 plan going forward.


For the 2018-19 year, Louisburgh Foróige will offer Foróige in four separate locations in Louisburgh within the school term, in the school term means, if the school is on holidays, then so are we, venues will be announce at a later date. Club's will meet as follows:


1st years - Tuesday 8 to 9:30pm

2nd years - Tuesday 8 to 9:30pm

3rd years - Tuesday 8 to 9:30pm

TY's and up (Axis Youth Space) - Thursday 8 to 9:30pm



Enrolment to our club is open to all Sancta Maria Students aged 12-18 years with some exceptions.


This year there is a TWO STEP enrolment process that must be followed;



STEP ONE: A parent or guardian of the intended joining member MUST attend a parental evening without the young person present (approx 1.5 hours), this evening will give you more details of what our club is about and where we see our club going into the future. Parents/guardians will attend this evening "without the child(ren)" and on the night you will collect our welcome pack and all the relevant enrolment forms. You will be asked to pre-register your child(ren) and off you go.



STEP TWO: The child(ren) MUST attend a member induction night (approx 1.5 hours), young people will attend this evening "without the parent/guardian" and on this night we will give details of the great opportunities Foróige have to offer our members. At the end of this induction we will then and ONLY then accept the enrolment forms (the one parents/guardians collected at their induction night) and payments or first installment from members.



Other important things to consider:


YOU MISSED OR YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE REGISTRATION DATE GIVEN: We are all very busy and here in Louisburgh Foróige we try to be as flexible and accommodating as we can be toward parents, guardians and members, we will run extra parental inductions nights (within reason) up until the end of September 2018 when enrolment officially closes.



Please do keep in mind, no child will be accepted into Louisburgh Foróige unless both them and their parent or guardian has attended an induction evening, this is so everyone knows up-front what to expect from our club and there is NO EXCEPTIONS to this, this also applies to all returning members.





Foróige has so much more to offer parents/guardians/members than just Disco's and outings. If, after induction, you still view us as just a Disco or outing club then you and your child will not enjoy the Foróige experience, yes Discos and outings are a very important part of our club, we love them, they play a huge role is personal development and socializing but we encourage all parents/guardians/members not to view Foróige as just a Disco or outing club. We have rules and guidelines clearly set out the state you must be activity participating and attending club regally or you won't be permitted attend any of the Foróige events.



A quick recap:


Step one - parents / guardians (only) attend the parental evening on August 28th, register your child(ren) and collect the relevant enrolment forms.


Step two - child(ren) attend the member induction and hand in the fully signed enrolment forms and payments / installments


No child can join without a parent or guardian having attended a parental induction first. There is currently NO exceptions to this rule.






Q. I missed the parental evening, what happens now?

A. You will need to contact our club to arrange another induction. All parents, guardians and members must follow the two stage enrolment process outlined above.


Q. What can I expect while attending the parental evening?

A. Our enrolment form is 5 pages long and often lots of little but important points and club guidelines get lost in the rush and sometimes people tick the yes box and not fully understand what they have just agreed to. We operate a strict data protection policy and from September we will be using WhatsApp and lots of people do not fully understand how accessible your personal information is while using such an App., other things like our detailed club participation and attendance rule needs some time to explain. So this year, we have arranged a relaxed approach to making sure everyone fully understands what is expected of them, you will be asked to take all the forms away and in the comfort of your own home you can study these in detail before signing anything.


Q. When does enrolment close?

A. The final date for accepting enrolments is Tuesday the 2nd of October 2018. All parental inductions must be completed by this date. However, it is strongly advised you try and attend the first parental induction as demand for our services is high and we are only in a position to accept people on a first come, first served basis.


Q. My son won't make it to club every week, he has sports, I work some Tuesday's and its hard to juggle everything. He loves his sport and he's really good at it, he's training for the county team but we also want him to attend your Disco's, is this ok?

A. We fully support and encourage all young people to get involved in sports, music, art, dancing ect. ect. but if this interferes with them attending our Foróige regularly then you and your child need to consider if Foróige is the right place for you right now, we do operate an attending and participation policy within our club so if young people can't make it to club regular, then they won't be permitted attend the Foróige events or outings either. This will be clearly explained at induction.


Q. Can my child join without me (the parent) attending a parental evening?

A. NO, all parents or guardians must attend an induction session first. There is no exceptions to this rule.


Q. My child is a returning member, do I still need to attend rgistration? sure I know how it all works, ye are doing a great job.

A. The main reason behind this two stage enrolment process is to outline some new club rules, use of WhatsApp and guild lines that will effect everyone. We also wish to clarify, up-front, what not following these rules may mean to everyone involved, the only way to do this is for everyone to attend an induction.


Q. I can't afford all the enrolment fee up-front, can I have a little more time to pay?

A. Yes of course you can. Just chat to one of our leaders, honestly we are here to help but do make us aware you would like a few more weeks to pay.


Q. My second year daughter has lots of third year friends, can she join the third year club instead?

A. No, all members must join the club appropriate to their school year.


Q. I'd like to help out as a volunteer but I'm not comfortable joining as my child is in the club and I don't want to invade their space, how else can I help?

A. This year we are operating four different clubs so if your child is in first year, why not consider volunteering with the second or third years, they all meet at the same time so while you wait for the first year club to finish, you can help out else where.


Q. I'm Garda vetted with my job, do I still have to complete the process again for volunteering in Foróige?

A. Yes, Foróige Garda vetting while much the same as other organizations must be completed by Foróige volunteers.


Q. If I join as a leader, will I just be there to make up the numbers or will I be actively involved?

A. Joining as a leader is very welcomed, we value everyone on the same level, all new leaders will need to complete start-out training and complete the Garda vetting process, we will help you with these, you can have as much or as little interaction with the members as you like staring off, once you become more comfortable with the way it all works you are invited to get involved a little more. Your opinion is valued, if you don't offer it, we can't consider it.


Q. You are opening four clubs, three of which run at the same time on a Tuesday evening, who do I contact if I have a question or comment?

A. We will cover this question in great detail at induction but in short, if your child is in first year, then you will contact the leaders running the first year club, if you have a child in more than one of our clubs, you should always contact the leaders running the club your child is in. If you have a problem you feel can't be resolved at club level, you will have the opportunity to have your question heard at our monthly Louisburgh Foróige Board of management meetings. All these contact details will be given to you once induction and the enrolment process is complete.


Q. Is separating the members by year really a good idea?

A. Last year, for the first time ever, we has a first year only and a second and third year only club, half way through the year we asked all our members were they ok with the current set up, 99% of the first years said they were delighted to remain on their own and 100% of the second and third years asked to be divided into two separate clubs. Listening to our members is what we do. Foróige works better in smaller more age appropriate groups, less really is more.





We are all Louisburgh Foróige, same great club, same hoodie, same group of leaders. We will travel to Discos and outings as one club, we will take part in things like citizenship, prom ball and senior banquet also as a single club. we are just making Foróige more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone.














Tuesday the 28th of August 2018 - Louisburgh Town Hall 8 to 9:30pm










First parental evening for "all parents and guardians only" is Tuesday the 28th of August.


As outlined above, after parental induction / registration, you will be given the opportunity to register your child(ren) and collect the forms and information needed. No payments will be accepted on the night until after your child(ren) also complete their induction evening.





Tuesday 28th of August 2018 - Louisburgh Town Hall - 8 to 9:30pm.





Our enrolment is open to everyone currently in first year right through to leaving cert attending Sancta Maria School here in Louisburgh. 1st, 2nd and 3rd years on the 28th and Axis Youth Space is the 13th of September.





A parent or guardian of the intended joining member to attend this night. No forms will be available for collection. No child can join unless a parent or guardian has attended a parental induction night, no exceptions.





Enrolment fee is €30 per child or 45 max per family, two thirds of this fee (20per person) is sent directly to Foróige Ireland to cover Insurance, the remainder stays within the club to get things off the ground. Your child(ren) can pay enrolment fee on the night of their induction or by installments to be paid in full by the 2nd of October 2018.


It's 3 per person per week or 5 max per family per week while attending weekly meetings.


The weekly 3 is to cover hall rental, light, heat and tea, milk and biscuits for everyone every week. We also use any unspent funds from this contribution to go towards trips and outings at members request.


Discos and outings are all costed and paid for per event, the average cost of a Foróige Disco is 5 entry and normally 5 to 10 for the return bus. This is exceptional good value for money considering what some local Discos are charging young people.


Every year the club always tries to give all our members a free club hoodie, this hoodie costs the club 26pp. This is part covered by fundraisiing and grants.


Other things to keep in mind, we are a non profit club, all funds raised by way of weekly contribution, fundraising or grants is spent directly on our members or the running of our club. All our adult leaders and committee members are volunteers and don't receive any payment for their time. Our accounts are audited by ETB and are available for inspection by anyone on request by appointment. Costs are merely a guideline, if you are finding it difficult to cover enrolment or event costs PLEASE do come in and chat to one of our senior club leaders, we are here to help, pay what you can, when you can.



Louisburgh Foróige are hoping to get more older members into our Foróige:


A TY & up club. Mayo Foróige are implementing programs county wide to try and retain/attract more older members into Foróige. Louisburgh Foróige have signed up to this policy and we are hoping to secure more TY, fifth and leaving cert. members into our club. Your club, ran by you, for you.


Please visit for more details on our older members club.





Dear Parent / Guardian,

Louisburgh Foróige Club is one of hundreds of Foróige clubs throughout the country supporting thousands of teenagers to be the best they can be. Foróige offers young people opportunities to run the clubs themselves in cooperation with their adult leaders. Our club is led by trained volunteer adults, whose generosity makes it possible for your child to have this club.


Through Louisburgh Foróige, young people can become more self confident and self reliant, develop their views beliefs and values, make friends and have fun, contribute to the development of the community; learn to accept and exercise responsibility and enjoy a great, safe social outlet. Foróige is Ireland’s leading youth organization, involving over 50,000 young people and 5,500 adult volunteers, supported by professional paid foroige staff. For more info see the Foróige Ireland website on


For your Child’s Protection and Safety:

The National Council of Foróige believes that the protection and welfare of children and young people is of paramount importance. It is the policy of the National Council of Foróige that the organization’s staff and adult leaders take all reasonable care to ensure that all children and young people involved in its services are protected from abuse of any kind. This policy is grounded in Foróige’s philosophy which outlines the importance of young people being treated with respect, listened to and having their views taken into consideration.

As with all Foróige clubs, Louisburgh Foróige volunteer leaders, are reference checked; Garda vetted and receive appropriate training on an ongoing basis. Foróige has policies covering a number of areas and procedures which ALL adult leaders are expected to follow including: Child Protection, Code of Good Practice in Working With Young People, Computer, phone and Internet use, Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers, Safety on Trips Away, Interclub Event Guidelines, Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs, and Insurance.


No unvetted leaders, even parents/guardians or visitor attending club will be alone with any of our members for any reason at ANY TIME. The is for the protection of our Foróige members and our leaders, our number one priority is the protection of all our members while attending foroige.



Random breath testing within our club:


In order to reinforce the no alcohol policy within Foróige we operate random breath testing using a fully regulated Breathalyzer within our club. This test can happen without prior notice and at anytime our leaders deem the need to carry out the test.


Young people who fail the alcohol breath test will have a parent/guardian contacted immediately and that person will be expected to come collect the child without delay..



Social Media:


Louisburgh Foróige uses a vast range of social media websites. We are a big promoter of the 'correct use' of social media and we follow a strict code of conduct regarding same. We currently use 12 of the top social media websites in the world today. We don't know everything but we do try and keep up to date with every site we use. If you have questions about our use, or have questions about your Childs use of social media sites, come in and we'd be delighted to chat to you about this.


Parents Responsibility:

The Club normally operates on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8 to 9:30pm. If we have extra meetings or change nights we will let you know. The leader’s responsibility begins and ends at these times. You are responsible for getting your child to club, if a child leaves home and fails to turn up at club, we are not responsible for this, you are. Please do not drop your child off before the specified time and ensure they do not remain after the club ends. The meeting place will not open until there are enough volunteers to take care of members.


At times we may need extra help in the club, such as supervising meetings or on trips away. We look forward to your co-operation.



In the event of a young person needing to take medication, (e.g. headache/ hay fever or prescribed medication)

A. A Adult Leader must be informed in advance of the use of this medication.

B. No young person should be in possession of any more medication than is required for the duration of the foroige activity.

C. Our Adult Leaders WILL NOT be responsible for the administration of these medications.


Trips away:

If the club is holding trips outside the normal club times, for example a visit to another Foróige club or a Disco, you will be asked to sign a Permission Form and given information. If you are unsure check with a leader.


Important Points to Remember:

1. If your child(ren) cannot attend the Foróige Club for any reason please inform one of the leaders

2. If your child(ren) is frequently absent from the Foróige Club, is arriving late or leaving early; we may be in contact with you to check that everything is OK

3. As a parent/guardian we would like you to be as involved in the club as much as you can. We are all volunteers and you are welcome to join us.



More Info:


Need more info? Visit our About Us page for lots more information about Louisburgh Foróige and if you need more help visit our contact us page for contact details.