Miss three night policy:


Agreed club policy on the 12th of Feb 2018, proposed, seconded and unanimously ratified by all leaders present:




You must be actively participating and attending club regularly to be considered attend the next Foróige Disco or Festival.


Our definitions;


Actively participating; You are actively involved in the club, you join in, you don't disrupt the meetings, you are a good Foróige member.


Attending club regularly; You must be attending club regularly. If you miss 3 club nights in any one term this is a breach of this policy and you will NOT be permitted attend that terms Disco or Festival. Most terms have blocks of about 6-7 weeks in each and if members are absent for 3 of these they could be missing 50% of club and this will be viewed as NOT attending club regular and if you are not attending club regularly then you will NOT be permitted attend that terms Disco or Festival.


This policy applies to all weeks within a term, example, if you return a form and payment but 'still' miss a total of three club nights between the time after the form been returned but before the Disco or Festival takes place then this is also a breach of this policy, in this incidence you will miss that Disco or festival with NO refund of payments available as we will have booked and paid for Disco/Travel based on the number of forms returned by the deadline.


This does apply to all members in all clubs.



The two agreed exceptions:


1. Extraordinary medical condition.

2. The bereavement of a relative / family member or close friend.





The above policy is not new, we have always operated a "miss three night rule" in club and this was openly specified with the form you signed at time of enrolment, the new committee has just ratified some amendments to the existing policy to make it more straight forward and transparent. The aim of this newly amended policy is to encourage more club participation on a regular basis and not just view our club as a disco club.


If your child or a child you are responsible for chooses not to attend Foróige or participate in club for whatever reason on a regular basis then we take no offence or hold no grievance with you or with this decision, we can't force any person to attend club if they willingly choose not to, just the same as when your child or a child you are responsible for is not permitted attend Foróige Disco's or festivals for breach of the above policy then we hope you can also afford us the same level of courtesy and do not take personal offence or hold a grievance with us or our club.


The amended policy is there for all members and it will be strictly enforced going forward. We are not a Disco or festival club, we are a Foróige Club.



Enforcement of deadlines for returning permission forms:


Agreed club policy on the 12th of Feb 2018, proposed, seconded and unanimously ratified by all leaders present:


The Policy;


Once a deadline for returning event permission forms is issued to parents / guardians / members these deadlines will be enforced without exception.


Our promise to you;


No less than two club nights notice will be given between issue of form and return deadline. A text reminder will be sent out to the number supplied at enrolment to remind you of deadline clousure.


Some points to consider;


The forms are online and you may not have a printer: This happens, we have a club printer solely for club use so permission forms are widely available, free of charge to all members as and when they are needed, however, the fact you don't have a printer, should not delay the return of the form within the given deadline. This is why we allow two week minimum to allow you the opportunity to request a form on week one and return it the following week.


Q. You missed the deadline for returning the form, can your child still go to that, Disco, outing or event: A. NO, once deadline has passed, this event is then closed.




Proposed policies for leaders consideration:

Current policy under review is when members miss a club night




We now have three completly different clubs.


Proposed policy (By Michael McGuire):


I propose all future events only be offered to members we deem suitable for them or that would benefit them the most.



Some points to consider;


What Islandeady does doesn't effect Westport, same as what Tourmakeady does doesn't effect what Louisburgh do. I think all leaders start viewing our three clubs in the same light. Not all events are suitable for all members. This is not exclusion, this is just a common since approach to age appropriate events. We have a duty to all our members to try to best match them to events they will get the most from.


What our 12 year old first years are into will be completely different from what our 18 year old leaving cert members will want. Every event, should be offered to members suitable for that event. First years want the discos, senior club wants the mix and mingle nights out.


We recently discussed the goings on at a high profile music festival last year, however, knowing what we know, our Senior club wouldn't be shocked by seeing such behavior where as we have a duty of care to our first years not to expose them to anything that they might not fully understand. This is just an example. I would never intentionally take any members, young or old, anywhere that wasn't 100% safe.




Mobile Phone Use in Club:


As with all our club policies, the policy on the usage of mobile phones is a verbal one agreed between our club leaders at leaders meetings. We make these policies/rules in good faith on the grounds of what we feel best fits our club and our members at that moment in time. These rules are subject to change/amendment at any point once agreed between the leaders.


The official club rule for 1st years. 2nd years. 3rd years.


1st 2nd and 3rd years are NOT permitted the use of their mobile phones while attend normal Tuesday evening club. They are asked at the beginning of each meeting to switch them off or put them on silent of flight mode. We have reminded all our members of this on several occasions.


The official club rule for senior club. This does include 3rd year members while attending on a Wednesday in a senior member capacity.


Senior members are NOT permitted the use of their mobile phones while senior club meetings are in session. They can use them, under leader supervision, on free time for their own personal use, however, the taking of photos within club on a phone is NOT permitted.


Who is officially responsible for enforcing the rule's?


The enforcement of this rule fall's to each and every leader, there is no report this to anyone policy in place, you as a volunteer in our club have the same authority as the next leader to enforce the rule's and you yourself are expected to act accordingly.


What to do if you see members using their phones?


Regarding mobile phone use. You could choose to turn the other way and ignore it. This is your given right and all other leaders must respect this. You are in our club as a volunteer, you took up this role by your own choosing. The decisions you make regarding mobile phones in club are accepted by all to be made in good faith.


You could approach the member keeping in mind the actions taken should be to your own satisfaction, if you feel this is an oversight by a member you could remind them of the rules regarding mobile phones and ask them to put it away. You could then monitor the situation and should that same member continue to try use their phone you could at that point remove that phone form them and return it to them after club. In the event a member refuses to hand over the phone you should then speak to one of the senior club officers. Mary, Brige, Ana or Michael.


(PLEASE be mindful that once you remove the phone from a member, you then become responsible for that phone. If anything happens to that phone while in your care then you are liable for any losses incurred by the club. If you have taken more than one phone from multiple members, you should also take extreme care as not to hand a member back the wrong phone. Members mobile phones often contain very personal content that we must be mindful of protecting that at all times.)


You could issue yellow cards to any or all members you see using their phones in club, however, this is a very rare punishment but yes the option is there. If this happens, you should also be aware that only the leader who gave the yellow card has the power to officially remove it. You can vouch for a members good behavior to the leader who issued the card but if you didn't issue the card, then you can't remove it.




You should never under any circumstances second guess a leader's decision in front of the members. If you don't agree with that leaders decisions or actions, you should address the matter with the leaders after club or away from the members. We don't always get it right, but we do always stick together in front of our members, you don't have to agree with a leader in front of a member for the sake of it but you should never disagree with them without discussing the matter privately first.


Like the rules regarding respect the leaders, only one voice, put your hand up before asking a question, always wear your hoodie, always attend club ect ect, the mobile phone rule also gets "challenged often" to say the least but we are all just volunteers, we act in good faith and we have built a good reputation for been fair so if you are about to start strictly enforcing rules within the club please be consistent and never give special privileges to any members, this MUST include family members that also attend our club.


And finally, there is nothing wrong with been known as the cranky leader, if this is the role you wish to pursue then more power to ya.