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Download the latest Louisburgh Foróige permission forms:


Louisburgh Foróige are always looking at ways to speed up the distribution of permission forms, when required, you will find the latest permission forms on this page, all you have to do is simply download them by clicking the link and print off a copy that you will then read fully with your child and complete form and return to club.


In the event you don't have means of printing these forms simply request one from the leaders, however, it is good practice to ask a friend or fellow Foróige member to print one of these forms for you.




Did you know we have a new Foróige Tech Space Club in Louisburgh?

More info available here






>>>>> Islandeady Disco - Feb 21st - Collection from Sancta Maria at 7:15 <<<<<


Please return form and payment (15 euro) to club by the 11th of Feb.


All members MUST travel to/from event on the club bus, parents or guardians won't be permitted to

drop members themselves



Permission form available here







>>>>> HYPE Foróige music festival 2020 - Longford <<<<<



Please return payment for ticket only (35 euro) to club before March 3rd.


More info on this event is available here.


Permission form and cost of bus (15 euro)

will be required at a later date closer to the event








>>>>> 2019 - 2020 enrolment forms <<<<<


There are three forms you MUST sign and return and there is also a parental information and child safeguarding

statement you should also print and keep safe at home.


These forms have been made available here to allow you more time (at home) to read fully and understand what we are asking you to agree too. The attendance policy agreed by our club is designed to encourage members to sign up for Foróige (which is what we are) and not just sign up to our club just for the discos (which we are not).






Form 1. The Foróige registration form;


Print, read fully, sign and return.


PLEASE NOTE: The child signs the first box.


Registration Form available HERE




Form 2. Our club attendance policy & permission form deadlines in club;


Print, read fully, sign and return.


PLEASE NOTE: The consequences of missing club nights.


Both the parent / guardian AND the joining young person MUST sign this form.


Our club rules - Form available HERE




Form 3. Our WhatsApp permission form;


Print, read fully, sign and return.


PLEASE NOTE: Your contact details are visible to everyone in a WhatsApp group you are in.


WhatsApp Form available HERE




Parental information & Foróige child safeguarding statement;


You should read fully. This is for you to keep and isn't required to be returned to us.


Information HERE