Foróige forms when joining our club as a leader:


Below are three very important forms you will require to print off, sign and return to club. Simply click the heading to download each form:


1. Invite to vetting: (PDF)

Please fill this in and bring it to Michael in club for signing, please make sure to include a workable Email address as they send you back a link to finish the vetting online.


2. Application to become a volunteer: (PDF)

Top section, you are applying to become a volunteer in a Foróige club, fill this in and again return this to Michael in club for signing. It does ask for two references, please complete same, it’s mandatory.


3. Info on ID and proof of address: (PDF)

One copy of ID and one copy of proof of address is required. Passport or driving licence and an ESB bill or something like that for proof of address. If you supply an ESB bill or bank statement please do not include any account details, just the top section, name, address and a date issues is all we need.


OK, so what now;


Print, fill in, copy and return invite for vetting, application to become a volunteer and copies of ID and address to Michael in club. He will check over and sign everything for you. We will take a copy (take a photo) of the application to become a volunteer and then return everything to you straight away. You pop everything into an envelope and post it.


Once we have signed your forms, we will then give you the postal address you need.


A few days later (this can take longer at the start of the year) you should receive a link via Email to complete the vetting process, always a good idea to keep an eye on Junk mail box too just in case it goes in there.









Other information of interest to our club.


Welcome to the club (PDF)


Role Description for a Foróige Club Leader (PDF)


Charter of Rights Booklet (PDF)


Attendance policy (MS-Word)


foroiges child safeguarding statement (PDF)