Louisburgh Foróige are trying to recover/record as much history as we can about our club. Can you help? Have you something you would like to share?

Were you ever involved in Louisburgh Foróige ether as a member or a leader? Have you, or someone you know got photos?


Please contact us if you have anything Louisburgh Foróige related, no matter how small, let us know.


What we know so far:

1960's | 1970's | 1980's | 1990's | 2000's | 2010's





When did it all start.


Macra na Tuaithe, now known as "Foróige" started in Ireland in 1952. The first record of Foróige in Louisburgh is 1961.


Can you go back further?


1971, our first Citizenship Award.


Louisburgh Foróige was the first Mayo Foróige club to ever win a Citizenship Award for a project done on promoting tourism in Louisburgh.


We still take part in Foróige Citizenship projects.


Foróige's got talent.


We have a long history with Foróige's got talent. We have won many local titles for our efforts. Where are the photos now?


Do you have them?



This section of our website is a work in progress:

Visit the links above for a "what we know so far" look at our club. Louisburgh Foróige have teamed up with Louisburgh & Killeen Heritage committee to try and get an clear account of our Foróige history. Macra na Tuaithe, now known as "Foróige" started in Ireland in 1952. The first record of Foróige in Louisburgh is 1961. It kept this name until the national council changed it from Macra na Tuaithe to it's current title, Foróige, in 1981.


We are going to list what we find, when we find it, from 1961 to present. If you were ever involved in Louisburgh Foróige, at any stage along the way, ether as a leader or a member, please private message us on here or email us on louisburghforoige@yahoo.ie.


We will also be arranging a Louisburgh Foróige history harvesting night in the town hall soon, this is where everyone can bring along their memories.



Macra na Tuaithe 1965.


In 1965, Louisburgh Macra na Tuaithe, now known as Foróige, won the "Best Club In Ireland" award, beating off 44 other clubs from all over Ireland.


Photo from the Irish Independent.


St. Patrick's Day Parade's, 1980's.


Louisburgh Foróige were heavily involved in the arranging of the Louisburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade's in the 1980's. Entry fee in 1984 was £4


Have you any memories?.


Foróige needs your help.


We have gone to great lengths to harvest the history of our club but we can only do so much on our own. If you have something to share, please contact us.


Email loisburghforoige@yahoo.ie




Over the years 100's of photos must have been taken at meetings, events and outings, surely these must be scattered around in peoples homes. Please have a look.


Contact us if you have any photos.



1984, Foróige Debating Finals.


In March 1984 Louisburgh Foróige beat off stiff competition to become all Ireland Foróige debating champions.


Were you part of this?.


1994, Hospice Fundraiser.


In March 1994 Louisburgh Foróige hosted a Disco in the town Hall to raise money for Mayo/Roscommon Hospice. £467 was raised.


Do you remember this?.


Foróige, November 1973.


Pictured above are a small group of leaders collecting the "runner up" award in the ESB Citizenship Awards.


Are you in this photo?